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In this transformational business book, Wendy shows heart-centred business owners how to transform their business by embracing the mystical, scientific and spiritual aspects that create and underpin the world of business today.

A wonderful resource and treasure trove of inspiration, ideas and action steps for heart centred business owners worldwide. She truly is one of life's Business Angels!

Wendy effortlessly weaves together the mystical, scientific and spiritual aspects to life and business, enabling you to take action and transform your business - an incredible gift for sharing the mystical and spiritual aspects of life”.

Kimberley Lovell - Spiritual Intuitive Theta Healer & Holistic Business Mentor
Transforming Your Purpose and Passions Into Gold & Creating The Life & Business of Your Dreams! &

“If you are a heart-centred entrepreneur who has not yet been successful with your business, this book is definitely for you!

Wendy outlines the business struggles, myths, and cures- what it takes to make your business successful even in these difficult times. It all begins with you and your business both being authentically you.

The paradox is that those with the biggest hearts nurture a need to help and heal others on a deep soul level. It is a calling. In doing so, they often forego the need to nurture their business from soul level.

Wendy then sets out a clear path that we can follow through the book to caring for your business mentally, emotionally and spiritually so you both prosper.

Let Wendy guide you through the steps to get you on your journey to success. This book is bang-on!!

Norma Reid

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