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As a heart-centered entrepreneur your business is a direct reflection of what is already going on inside of you. When your business is aligned with your soul purpose you will naturally attract the wealth, health, and happiness you want.

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  • Business Angel Plan Template 
  • Business Angel Wisdom & Insight e-BookInvaluable!

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In the book “The 7 Business Angels You Need To Meet” you will discover:

  • Who are your seven business angels? Where are they? Why does it matter? How do you meet them?
  • Energy … it’s the life force of all living things and never more so than in our evolutionary age.
  • The entrepreneur’s biggest dilemma and how to rise above it.
  • Discover the significance of business chakras to identify where your real problems may be manifesting from.
  • Dispel the myths and truths behind your money issues … and why money isn’t your biggest hurdle.
  • Discover the quirky workings of your brain … and why it’s not set to make you successful.
  • How to find your magical destiny path … and escape the labyrinth of the veil of illusion.
  • Embrace evolutionary change … and learn the importance of adding your contribution to the universal database …
  • Create the space where miracles happen … and release your creative genius …
  • Intuition … its your built-in navigation system that never fails.
  • Evolving and taking your place in the world … your time is now!
  • Let your Business Angels guide you ….

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P.S. Remember you will receive free gifts of an Angel Plan Template, an Invaluable e-Book of Business Angel Wisdom & Insight – featuring special Business Angels and how to connect with them.

P.P.S. You will be entered into my competition where I am giving 5 Special ‘Business Angel Readings’ worth £300!